My Online Dating “Dirty” Little Secret…

What’s it going to take for a great guy like you to finally get the attention you deserve from attractive women?

It’s Easier Than You Could Ever Imagine!

From: JT Tran – The #1 Asian Dating Coach In The World

To: You If You Are Still Struggling To Break Through The Social Stigma, Stereotypes, and hurdles facing you in the dating world as an Asian man

Dear Friend,

The dating world can be like wandering through the Mojave desert without a water bottle. IT’S BRUTAL OUT THERE!

You’re a good guy. You’re smart, attractive, funny, and you’re going places.


ARGH! It’s unfair, and you probably feel like there’s nothing you can do about it!

No matter what you try: texting, calling, being a goof, whatever… YOU JUST CAN’T GET HER TO NOTICE YOU! And it’s especially frustrating when you see other guys – “boring, dull, doomed to a dead-end job” guys – take home the girls that you would LOVE to meet!

Still, you want to be with a girl. You believe that if you just knew the “secrets” to getting inside a woman’s head, you could make her happy. And you’re confident that if you just knew the right things to SAY, the right things to DO, the right way to BE, you could pull it off.

If that sounds like your life right now, here’s something you’ll like to hear:

You Are NOT Alone!

You might not believe it… but millions of other Asian men feel just like you do right now!

Don’t believe me? Then see if any of the following feels familiar:

  • DO YOU FEEL so anxious and desperate when talking to beautiful women of other races—even when you think they might be into you—that you end up saying stupid things that just drive them away?
  • DO YOU FEEL like you need to “prove” yourself to gorgeous white girls?
  • DO YOU FEEL like going CRAZY at even the THOUGHT of being with a beautiful woman… like an international model or world-famous porn star… and do you lose your mind imagining what it might be like if they wanted to have sex with you?
  • DO YOU FEEL overjoyed when hot women show the slightest bit of interest… only to later end up regretting not taking the chance and following through?
  • DO YOU FEEL so emotionally attached to certain women… but find it easier to just walk away than to swallow your fears and approach them?
  • DO YOU FEEL like other guys have an easy time meeting and dating women… while you struggle even just to start a conversation?
  • DO YOU FEEL so lonely sometimes that you think about just giving up on dating?

If you’ve ever had these feelings – and I’ll bet you have – then you’re not the only one!

LISTEN: If you’re like I was when I first started dating seriously, then you’ve experienced at least a few of these feelings… over and over again.

I’m pretty sure you’re feeling some of them RIGHT NOW.

Well, I think it’s time for a change. It’s time to meet LOTS of beautiful new women, FAST and EASY, and find the girls who are absolutely THRILLED to know you better… not in spite of your being Asian, but BECAUSE you’re Asian!

And the best part? You don’t even have to leave home.

The answer to your problems is ONLINE DATING – and I’m about to show you a scientifically-tested, fool-proof formula to hook beautiful women… and it’s especially designed for smart, hardworking, good-natured Asian men like you.

Are You Ready For Simple, Fool-Proof Online Dating Techniques That Actually WORK?

Now, if you’ve ever tried online dating before, tell me if you’ve experienced any of these completely FRUSTRATING problems:

  • Suffering from shyness or awkwardness in online social situations. Have you ever been too afraid to send that message… not being able to muster up the nerve to start a conversation… and watching helplessly as dozens of attractive women getting picked up by “weirdos” online? (This happens more often than you think!)
  • Being the victim of “Yellow Fever.” Do you believe girls don’t respond to your messages BECAUSE you’re Asian? (By the way, it’s all a myth – Other guys have absolutely no advantage over you… as you’re about to learn!)
  • Getting stuck in the dreaded “Friend Zone.” No matter what you try, the girls you chat with always seem to treat you as a “good friend,” telling you all their problems while you watch helplessly as they go out with guys who are half as intelligent and good-natured as you.
  • Coming across as “creepy” or “obnoxious” because you’ve tried those “sure- fire” pick-up lines your friends told you to use. (Believe me, women can see right through pick-up lines, and they simply don’t work!)

These are just some of the most common problems Asian men encounter in online dating,and you may have experienced some of them. It’s no fun.

But what if I told you that there are simple, foolproof techniques that could help you:

  • Approach women online confidently so that they want to talk to you… without having to resort to cheesy pick-up lines or making flimsy excuses to start up a conversation
  • Master flirting “on the web,” which basically makes women want to go on a face-to- face date with you
  • Appear natural, authentic, and ATTRACTIVE in all kinds of online social situations with women, and vastly increase your chances of getting dates, no matter how many other guys are messaging them at the time
  • Master the science of online flirting, so that you can REALLY grab women’s attentionswhile other guys keep sending them pre-written “spam” messages by the thousands…
  • Avoid the “Friend Zone” altogether, so that you can take your relationships to the next level instead of being just another “cute Asian”

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To your dating success,

JT Tran

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